Thomas Family Lawyer Speaking Out About Doug Valeska

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The Thomas family is represented by attorney Mark Overall.
He's filed a complaint against Houston County District Attorney Doug vales, and multiple law enforcement agencies.
They also want the case handed over to federal authorities.

A Dothan police officer shot and killed the 22-year-old last June.
However, Thomas' family realizes nothing can change the outcome.
Now, they say, they're just seeking justice.

“I’m speaking for the family but unfortunately that officer was not indicted, it really doesn’t surprise me because of the way Mr. Valeska presided over the grand jury proceedings.” The Thomas family attorney Mark Overall said.

Overall says he has sent the complaint to the disciplinary commission of the state bar.
But he has also issued complaints about other Dothan agencies.

“The complaints that are being alleged are a pattern or set of practices set forward by the Dothan Police Department the Houston County Sheriff’s office.” Overall said.

Overall claims with the Thomas case, there have been several false arrests, and instances of Valeska intimidating the witnesses.
He also argues Valeska's office along with the Dothan Police Department and Houston County Sheriff's office are guilty of racial discrimination.

“He spent the whole week scrutinizing, discrediting and basically belittling the witnesses. Calling them liars, threatening to have them arrested which he did.“ Overall said.

Now overall is asking Valeska's office be removed from the case.
He wants to take it to the federal level.

“Why they didn’t taze him, why they had to shoot and kill him five times.” The victim’s aunt, Ruby Malone said.

“A cow a dog has more rights than a black man.” The victim’s uncle, Sammy Parks said.

“The officer needs punishment and I want justice. That’s the main thing, justice.” The victim’s mother, Catherine Thomas said.

WTVY spoke with Valeska.
He says all of the allegations against him are false.

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