This Week's Violence is Deja-vu for Some People in the Wiregrass

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This week's violence is a reminder for some people in the wiregrass.

Last year around the same time, Keyuma Carpenter survived a gunshot wound to the face.

Keyuma was shot in May of last year on Washington Street in Dothan.

Doctors told his family he wouldn't make it through the night.

Pastor Ron Martin is a family friend.

He says although Keyuma survived, his recovery has been difficult.

Martin says he's gone from being hooked up to tubes and not being able to speak - To eating, talking and moving around.

Although the shootings weren't related, Martin says they have similar affects and Keyuma’s family was heartbroken when they heard about this week's shootings.

"It's fresh to them, because they're still going through the process of fighting for their brother and his recovery. So for them to hear about another young man to this time lose his life unfortunately in a senseless altercation it's just heartbreaking,” Martin said.

3-people have been arrested in Keyuma Carpenter's shooting.

A fourth suspect is still at large.

If you know where 33-year-old Kamal Russaw is call Crimestoppers at 793-7000.

You may be eligible for a cash reward.