Thieves Steal from Level Plains Church

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Most people go to church to do “good.” But police say that wasn’t the plan for two Enterprise men.

Good Friday became Bad Friday for the Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Level Plains. For the second time in two years, thieves stole some pretty necessary equipment, the air conditioner.

They left one unit completely untouched, but the second they took the entire thing, not just the copper parts.

Dale Co. Investigator Mason Bynum said, “They took it over to a place in Enterprise and scraped it, sold the metal, took the copper out of it, stripped it down.”

It wasn’t long before investigators got leads on two suspects, 19-year-old Cody Lee Barber and 21-year-old Skylor Wyatt Thames.

Bynum said, “An anonymous tip from the community who notified Enterprise police department who in turn notified us.”

Both had clean records before being arrested for this crime. “They have both been charged with theft of property first which are felonies...I also have another arrest that is probably forthcoming,” he said.

A hefty price to pay for a small amount of copper. “They got about 70 bucks out of a $7-8,000 unit…definitely not worth it,” he said.

Deputies say the amount of copper thefts have gone down. Due to recently passed strict laws that make it harder to sell scrap metal.

Deputies say the amount of copper thefts have gone down with strict laws making it harder to sell scrap metal.

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