The Wiregrass Celebrates National 4H week

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Jody Glass and Fred Cleveland are alumni of the early county 4H program.

Both started the program at nine years old and participated until they graduated high school.

They say it's helped them get to where they are today.

"Leadership skills, you don't really think you're learning it then but those leadership skills you have all through your life," County Commissioner Jody Glass said.

4H alumni Fred Cleveland says 4H also helps you lead by example.

"They had great leaders, counselors, the agents were always nice and they were just great with young people. They wanted young people to do the best they could," Cleveland said.

From showing livestock, to camping, there's something for every kid.

"It's diverse there’s a lot of things to do. Today you don't have to be on a farm to be in 4h it's just a great overall program all around," Cleveland said.

Both men say their past with 4H is why their kids are involved with the program now.

"They get responsibilities, they have to go do things and I mean you’re not just sitting there watching TV. all day, it's good for them," Glass said.

The organization aims to teach kids leadership, citizenship and life skills.

“Get your kid involved, don't be scared to try it, it's a great club and it'll be a great experience and you'll appreciate doing it," Cleveland said.

If you're interested in getting involved with 4H, contact your county extension office.