The Secret to Love

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Many people who are looking to get better insight into a long-lasting relationship will often ask, what's the secret to love?
After some searching, I think I found a couple who can let you in on the secret.

“He just said I’m going to marry you, he never did propose he just said I’m going to marry you, I’m going to marry you that’s all he ever said.” Dothan resident Annie Hall said.

Annie and Harvey hall didn't need a spectacular wedding to prove their love to anyone.

“One day he wrote me a letter and said be over to pick you up Saturday and he'd pick me up and we'd go get married.” Hall said.

At eighteen years old, they went to their local courthouse and tied the knot.
A move that would tie them together for more than sixty years.

“Its 63 last November this coming November will be 64.” Hall said.

Although they have been married for nearly 64 years they have known each other even longer.
They met when they were just 16.

“He liked my two oldest brothers, he would come over there to see them but I think he had his eye on me the whole time.” Hall said.

Through the years the halls have been through it all, and they have discovered the best way to handle an argument without a big blow out.

“Don’t fuss and fight and argue all the time. If you got to do that just walk it off, think it over and come back and apologize.” Hall said.

But the halls say they also had someone on their side to get them through the tough times....

“They’re in love with each other still... But they really love the lord. Their faith is important to them.” Malvern Baptist Church Pastor Hosea Parker said.

Their faith has been the one constant in their lives.

“They got to the place where they can’t be in church regular due to their health, but when they can they are still faithful to the church.” Parker said.

The halls feel their love for god has strengthened their love for each other.

“I wouldn’t want to be with anybody else.” Harvey Hall said.

The halls say one thing they refuse to ever argue about is money.
They believe that is one of the biggest reasons people spilt up.

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