The "Righto" Path to Citizenship

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His name is Righto Engino, he is from the Nigerian city of Lagos and yesterday morning he took his oath of U.S. Citizenship

Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. Engino became an American.

"It feels great to be an American Citizen... because when you are here in the United States when you work hard you can actually progress and make something happen in your life," said Engino.

Engino is not his Nigerian name, he changed it to Righto Engino because people in his native country said he is the right engineer to do mechanical jobs.

"He dedicated he is hardworking his American name is Righto because he wants to do it right he cares about our customers he is a hard working and he will just do what it takes," said Mike Schmitz of Mike Schmitz Automotive Group.

"He would put in long hours and he would try to learn and he would get other people to help him he wanted to know more he wanted to know how everything was he wanted to know about the cars and this country and the lifestyle around here and everything," said Engino's co-worker Steve Reneau.

And Engino does like everything around the Wiregrass.

"People want to be around you people love people want to help and when you don’t make any trouble people always love you and that is very great about Alabama," said Engino.

And now that he is a citizen he wants to further his education.

"Advanced knowledge of being a technician or if it is going to be another type of education I have to work out those plans at a later time," said Engino.

But for right now the Mike Schmitz Automotive Group has no plans to let Engino go.

"If we have anything to do with it he's not leaving," said Schmitz.

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