The Reaching Higher Camp Helps Kids

Boys and Girls Club
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The Reaching Higher Camp is giving local kids a place to hang out this summer.

"We are going to have a fun time this year and we are going to have a lot of fun," said participant Zeke Mason.

"I'm pretty excited because we have some fun here and we get to play what we want pretty much, said participant Justin Henderson.

But this camp is about more than just playing.

"We are trying to start an activity in the morning that would teach a life lesson that the kids would understand so we do an activity that would turn around and then be utilized as a life lesson as well," said volunteer Billy Richards.

"I think it is important that we offer these kids hope I mean there is so much negativity today these kids are growing up in a day I never thought they would grow up in back when I was growing up there wasn't near as much negativity so much peer pressure so much influence that is negative we want to give them a positive influence teach them the right thing and hopefully give them the best choices in life, said Bob Sanders, Minister of Recreation at Ridgecrest Baptist Church.

Local churches and sponsors teamed up for this event to give back to the community

"There is a lot of camps in the community and we wanted to do something free for these kids and a lot of these kids cant afford this so you offer them a free sports camp you offer them free backpacks free school supplies and then hopefully they spread the word of everything they were taught this week," said Sanders.

The Houston County Sheriff Department will be at the camp throughout the week with the SWAT and blood hounds.

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