The Olympia Spa and Golf Resort is Open Again

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Jessie Locke has worked at the Olympia Spa and Golf Resort for about four years.

“I've seen different management companies come and go.” Employee Jessie Locke said.

Previous owners left employees and residents hanging.
And eventually the hotel near the course closed down.
But now new owners have taken over, and they hope to bring the property back to life.

“We are redoing the greens. We're getting ready to oversee the greens and the t-boxes next week.” Golf Club of Dothan vice president John Hendricks said.

Hendricks says taking the time fixing these little problems will help them achieve the main goal.

“To bring it back to its former glory. This used to be the best course in south Alabama.” Hendricks said.

In order to do this, Hendricks says he's trying to restore loyalty with members that was lost with previous owners.

“The members who already paid money for the next year membership, what we are doing is giving them partial credit for that. But they need to pay the following year. So we are going to give them credit up to six months.” Hendricks said.

But it wasn't just members that felt betrayed by former owners, previous employers were also teed off.
Some complained they never got paid for hours they worked.

“I don't know all the details, but the former owners, the Choi family, I think they were going to take care of the families that were here before but I’m not positive on that.” Hendricks said.

But Hendricks says he is hiring many of those employees back.

“We're not trying to come here and say forget you. We're trying to be a friend to the people here and just try to work with them.” Hendricks said.

So far the new owners look to be keeping their promises.

“They already started work, they are very professional, they don't mind working themselves. And already we can see improvements.” Locke said.

Hendricks says they've already started remodeling hotel rooms and bar, and hope to have the mineral pool restored and open soon.

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