The International Quest Continues

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Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz returned from his third trip to China on Friday. Former U.S. Undersecretary of International Trade and Commerce, Francisco Sanchez, accompanied him. They were featured speakers at several conferences, including an event at China’s Chamber of International Conference.

Mayor Schmitz told News 4’s Rachel Yonkunas, he met with several Chinese companies individually, and invited them to Dothan. It hasn’t always been a smooth road, especially when the government shutdown postponed the U.S. – China Manufacturing Symposium, but Mayor Schmitz said they have come a long way.

“There are always issues you've got to work out, but we were able to talk to the 3D Printer Company again and they're committed to coming. So hopefully by March, we'll have some more news on that too,” he explained.

The symposium is March 26th-28th and volunteers are encouraged to contact the Mayor’s Office.

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