The Dothan Downtown Redevelopment Authority Explains their 2014 Vision

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The Dothan Downtown Redevelopment Authority explained their 2014 vision for the city of Dothan Wednesday.

The DDRA focused their attention on items of top priority for their 2014 agenda.

Among those are the demolition of the Booker Building on East Main Street. Also, the group hopes to improve parking in downtown Dothan.

Members say they're excited to put their plans into action for the community to work, live, and play more in the downtown neighborhood.

"We really want to focus on the gateways, the entry points to downtown. We want to take those three main gateways and pass them and make them beautiful, make them really reflect what we feel our downtown citizens of Dothan represent," says Executive Director Jansen Tidmore.

The DDRA still expects to start demolition of the Saints Apartments in Mid-June of this year.

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