The Dothan City School System is Big On Bus Safety.

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The beginning of school for the Dothan City School system is just a few days away. Wiregrass streets will once again be filled with school buses.

The safe transportation of Alabama's children is very significant to Dothan city school mechanic Kevin Curtis. Working in the department for the past 11 years, Curtis knows about all the preparations that go into sending students back to school.

"Throughout the year, we are talking about safety, all of the time," said Curtis.

Safety hits close home for Curtis that's why he takes extra precautions when getting the 93 bus fleet ready for inspection and the school year.

"I'm really personally attached. I have two of my own children. I wouldn't want to do them any harm and so I feel that same way about each child that enters that bus. I don't want them to get a so much as a prick on their finger," said Curtis.

"I really encourage people to just to slow down especially when they see a school bus because there's nothing worth the safety of our's one of those things we all need to take extra caution to make sure our children are safe." said Jay Bruner, the Director of Transportation with Dothan City Schools.

Studies show that the most dangerous part of a bus ride is when the bus stops to load or unload students. A recent survey by the Alabama State Department of Education shows that there have been more than 1700 illegal passing's of school buses in one day. That can equal up to more than 300,000 illegal passing's in one year.

Over the past year the Dothan city school transportation department has driven 2.1 million passengers. They also transport 6,000 children to Dothan city schools every morning.

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