The District 4 Race Is On

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District 4 Commissioner Critt Snellgrove is squaring off against John Ferguson.

District 4 Dothan City Commissioner Critt Snellgrove and challenger John Ferguson have different visions for the future of their district.

"My number one priority would be to still work and bring in more jobs, good paying jobs to Dothan. Working hand and hand again with the Mayor, the Commissioners, with other organizations that are helping us bring in industries to our region. Working with other County Commissions and other City Commissioners around the area. To work hand in hand with my constituents to take care of the constituents of District 4 and the people of Dothan, just to do whats good for the city of Dothan, " says Commissioner Critt Snellgrove.

"Making sure our Police and Fire Department have all the necessary resources to do their jobs effectively and make sure they're fully staffed with all their needed personnel making sure they have what they need to hire, train, and retain the best first responders possible. Working with our neighborhoods who are interested in forming a neighborhood watch group. Supporting our local businesses and industry, " says John Ferguson.

Each candidate says they have what it takes to represent the District.

"I know how to get to people to get problems solved, I know who to go to and I'm a good listener, I have a good reputation of returning phone calls and following up on things that I'm helping to take care of . I feel like i know what Dothan's future should be and I'm trying to work to make that future better. Bring in some new industries to Dothan and bring in jobs, that is what people are concerned with. Jobs turn over and turn the money over and we feel like we've been very successful in bringing in some new exciting industries to Dothan, " says Snellgrove.

"I think the citizens of District 4 want a Commissioner who is responsive to their needs. He's assessable, he's available. He takes ownership of their problems or concerns and treats them as their his own which they by extension are. They want a Commissioner who is sensitive to the fact that there are a lot of retirees that live in the district. They want a Commissioner who is a problem solver who can work with the resources he has to get the job done and i think if a Commissioner, if they receive a call from a constituent they want you to be engaged, they want you to take ownership of it, they want you to help them with their concerns and i will do that," says Ferguson.

If you live in District 4 you can cast your ballot for either Snellgrove or Ferguson at Dothan Utilities Complex on 200 Kilgore Drive and the Doug Tew Recreation Center on 300 Garland Street.

Election day is Tuesday August 6th.
The polls will be open from 7 a.m until 7 p.m.

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