The Crack Down on Employee Thefts

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It's business as usual at Dakota Coffee Works.
The average customer would never know the owner had a problem with employees stealing money.

"We have in the past and we have occasionally and it seems as though when the economy seems to get a little tighter also gas money gets a little tighter we start to see small amounts to show up short a little bit," said Ron Mcghee, owner of Dakota Coffee Works.

Those incidents were wake-up calls for Mcghee.

"Well we certainly started looking at the numbers real close and especially if it is one a particular employees time frame is the common denominator and it keeps bringing us back to a certain person we come in and confront that person," said Mcghee.

Police say keeping an eye on employees is the best way to prevent theft.

"I think that is one of the best things you can have is have camera systems set up," said Investigator Devellus Butler, with the Property Crimes Division of the Dothan Police Department.

There are a few things employers should look out for.

"A little clues come up, if you are running short on a particular employee everyday or you have any employee that avoids eye contact or things of that nature or are real short with their answers or something or if you approach them and they start a denial process," said Mcghee.

"Startled employees, employees that don't like to take a vacation ones that only want to work by themselves if you walk up on an employee and he is startled start checking into it don't be afraid to audit at that point," said Butler.

Preventing employee theft starts with the hiring process.

"Usually we hire from within the company usually it is a friend of a friend or a friend of a good employee then that makes them a good employee for us too usually," said Mcghee.

Police also encourage employers to do background checks.

Police say 48% of thefts that happen at businesses are committed by employees.

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