The Cost to Feed A Dale County Inmate

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The Dale County officials are butting heads over the cost to feed an inmate.
The debate is heating up.
Just how much money should go to feed an inmate?
According to the state of Alabama $1.75 is plenty for the county to feed inmates on felony charges..
But in Dale county it's a different story.

"The funds that we receive from the municipalities in Dale County jail they pay is $15 a day to house them it has been that way since 2006," said Commission Chairman Mark Blankenship.

Blankenship said in a county commission meeting Monday that he doesn't dispute the $15.
But it's not being spent correctly.

Blakenship was part of a Dale County commission that voted last year to allow Sheriff Wally Olson to control the entire allocation..
Olson says he dived it up how he thought best..some to inmates and the rest to jail upkeep.

"How many meals can you feed off a $1.75," said Olson.

Olson says even with the cheapest groceries $1.75 doesn't cut it and he says there is much more involved than what Blankenship suggests.

"Some of it goes to the commission has for housing," said Olson.

Blankenship says the whole idea was to split the money and get $7 for upkeep.
But he says within the last couple months, he hasn't seen a dime.

He wants it back to the way it used to be. Which was divided into two sections and everyone benefiting.

"There has been some issues with him getting behind to pay us last September and he came to the commission to ask if we could give him all of the $15 until January of 2015," said Blankenship.

But Olson disagrees.
He says he's using the extra cash to offset the small amount he gets from the state.
Not pocketing or profiting from any sort of additional revenue.

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