The Cost of Local Elections

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The City of Dothan and Houston County both pay more than $100,000 for their elections but there are some differences.

City elections run approximately $115,000.
$45,000 is for advertising.
$40,000 is for hiring workers.
$30,000 is used for ballots and polling machines.
It costs the city about $600 to rent the community room at Wiregrass Commons Mall as a polling place.

Houston County election cost about $110,000.
Close to $30,000 goes toward hiring polling workers.
Approximately $75,000 goes toward polling machines and ballots.
The county usually doesn't have to pay to rent facilities.
The state of Alabama reimburses them for about 45% of their expenses.

Both have to print enough ballots for every registered voter.

"You have to print ballots as if everyone is was going to vote because you certainly don't want someone to show up and you say you are out of ballots that wouldn't be a good thing," said Mark Culver, Houston County Commission Chairman.

The county has 32 polling machines.

"We rent them we keep them here out particular ones we store we have to go out before elections and test the machines to make they operate," said Culver.

The county hires 225 poll workers plus 27 inspectors who are in charge of the precincts.

"Obviously you have more poll workers at the larger polling places," said Culver.

We couldn't reach any city officials for a comment.

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