Can You Afford a Baby?

New moms and dads come through hospital doors every day, but for many parents, the pain of childbirth only starts in the delivery room.

Cherokee Spivey gave birth to a 7 pound baby boy on Sept 3.

After three weeks of her and her husband bringing home their beautiful boy, they received a bill for nearly $35,000.

The couple was covered by insurance, but even after insurance payments and adjustments, they still have to pay more than $5,000 out of pocket.

“The costs just added up with every medical intervention that they had to take,” said Spivey.

The Spivey’s had a complicated labor and delivery which increased their hospital bills, but the price of having a baby is going up for everyone. In fact, it's doubled in the just the past 15 years.

Today, a birth certificate will cost you an average of $9,000, and non-traditional births will cost even more than that.

C-sections have gone up 70% to more than $14,000. Radiology, midwife bills, prenatal vitamins and lab fees also raise charges.

When the Spivey’s chose their healthcare plan last Nov. They weighed the cost of child birth and tried to plan ahead, but after seeing what she owes, she is demanding an itemized bill.

Experts say if you're insured, check your bills for accuracy. If you're not covered, check to see if you qualify for financial assistance.

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