The City of Dothan is Preparing the Roads for a Storm

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"You can have patches of ice and you know obviously we want to keep accidents down," said Charles Metzger, the assistant public works director for the city of Dothan.

Truck drivers are ready to save the day for those who have to be on the road. The City of Dothan Street team is prepared for the severe weather, they're loading up trucks with sand that they will be using on bridges for traction.

Dothan city street team members will focus primarily on the 19-bridges maintained by the city.

"Concrete Bridges have air temperature with air overflowing the top and below the bridge were your road bed sits down there and so there the first to freeze over like I said that's where we go to first," said Metzger.

The sand allows tires to grip areas that are slippery.

"It's not like a salt agent that's going to reduce the freezing temperature you know," added Metzger.

While the sand will help, Metzger says motorists should take extra caution as well.

"You still need to slow down and be careful and look for ice obviously to see if there's a shiny surface of ice on the roadways," said Metzger.

The public works team has been filling up trucks all day and they will be prepared for the storm when ever it hits. Metzger says that during severe weather it would also be safe to adjust driving habits by lengthening your distance between cars.

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