The City of Dothan and the SoZo Group Gears up for U.S. China Manufacturing Symposium

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With the U.S. China Manufacturing Symposium just days away, the Dothan Civic Center is buzzing with energy.

“It's been almost nonstop. It's going to be great to see it all come together,” SoZo Group Communications Director Ken Tuck said.

City of Dothan crews spent their weekend at the Dothan Civic Center setting up for this week's U.S. China Manufacturing Symposium.

On Monday, 300 tables and 900 chairs later - They were two days away from the big event.

"Here in the offices, we're working on the whole program. There's a lot of video, graphics, polishing up the agenda, moving speakers from one time to the next to line it up just right. So a lot of polishing work," Tuck said.

"We're picking up people who are flying into Atlanta from India and China and all over the world, where they're going to stay. Just getting ready, getting the tents set up, getting the food vendors ready," Mayor Mike Schmitz said.

Hundreds of manufacturing leaders from around the world will be in circle city.

Another hundred volunteers from the wiregrass will work to ensure everything goes smoothly.

"That's another reason that makes Dothan such a great place, people are willing to help and they want to help. That attitude is going to show all of our visitors and throughout the U.S., we have people coming from six different states as well as china. It's going to show them that our community is excited about the symposium," Tuck said.

Leaders say the community will play a big part in making the guests feel at home.

"Just be yourself, that's going to make them feel welcome and happy to be here. If you meet one of our visitors, reach out and shake their hand. Don't worry about bowing, that's not as much part of their culture there as it used to be. They'll shake your hand and if you'd like to say a word in their language, if you say "Ni Hao" that's hello and that would put a smile on their face," Tuck said.

Preparations are also underway for Thursday's International Foster Fest.

The International Foster Fest is this Thursday at 6 p.m.

Event organizers expect more than 3,000 people to attend.