The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs Helps Wiregrass Law Enforcement

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"Since 2007, what ADECA has meant to the Dothan Police Department is over $250,000 in funds, " said Captain Todd David with the Dothan Police Department.

"It translates to about 8,000 additional man hours we've been able to put on the streets to keep our folks safe, " said David.

Through grants and training programs, ADECA helps police officers, Sheriff's deputies and State Troopers better serve and protect Alabama residents.

"What we really focus on is behavioral issues with the motoring public, educating them on safer ways to drive so we drive down fatalities and serious injuries, " said Lynne Defleron, Highway Traffic Safety Program Manager.

"It provides funds for us to put additional overtime officers out there without impacting the quality that we offer our citizens in other areas such as patrol, " said David.

And education is a key component of what they do

"You can tell there is a statistical problem with people dying on our highways everyday and a lot of it is preventable like speeding, wearing your seatbelt, driving distracted, driving while under the influence and it's really important to educate and enforce laws, " said Defleron.

"You've got municipalities such as Enterprise, Ozark, you've got Sheriff's departments that all benefit from ADECA. It allows us collectively as law enforcement officers to provide traffic safety for our citizens, " said David.

ADECA also provides car seat certification programs, that allows officers to get certified as car seat technicians.

ADECA is also putting on their annual hands across the border event.

It brings together law enforcement agencies from Alabama, Georgia and Florida to encourage safe driving.

It'll be August 26th at the Alabama welcome center on 231 South, Starting at 10 a.m.

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