The Alabama Cowboy Mounted Shooting Championship Returns to the Wiregrass

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The Alabama Cowboy Mounted Shooting State Championship returned to the Wiregrass area this memorial holiday weekend.

Sunday morning's contest featured seventy competitors from various states throughout Southeastern parts of the United States. Using a variety of guns, contestants competed for prizes and cash awards by racing through prescribed courses on horseback. Competitors say this is a growing sport for anyone interested.

"We'll have folks come up and say how do I get started. We'll have practice, we'll let them come ride our horses, shoot our guns, see if they like it. It's not for everybody, it's funny what makes it work for some people. It's just something about that combination of guns and horses that some people just have to do it," said Ed Kilpatrick, the president of the Southern Crossfire Club.

Contestants competed in stages that involved single action revolvers, lever action rifles and double barreled shotguns. No admission was charged to spectators.

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