Text Scam Hitting Wiregrass

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Wiregrass residents say they have been contacted through text messages asking for their personal bank information.
Luckily, they knew it was a scam, and now want to spread the word so others don’t become a target.

“Yesterday around 330 I got a text message on my cell phone that said "bank account alert, your card has been deactivated" and it gave a number to call.” Taylor resident Melinda Luther said.

Melinda Luther says this text message put her on alert because something didn't seem right.

“Well my initial feeling was gosh I have to call this number if they deactivated my card. And then i said, no it doesn’t have a bank listed, let me just call my bank.” Luther said.

Dothan police sergeant Rachel David says that call saved Luther’s banking information.

“It’s very important that you never reply to a suspicious text or email that is supposedly from your banking institution.” Dothan Police Department Sergeant Rachel David said.

“I called my bank and she said oh my goodness you didn’t call them and give them any information, I’ve already had three people call me.” Luther said.

Her bank alerted the fraud department, and then Luther warned her friends.

“You know facebook, a lot of people don’t think that’s a great social network, but i posted it there and alerted at least two other people.” Luther said.

“It’s very wonderful with people in the community share with us or one another if they have had something that seems suspicious in nature.” David said.

And although Luther wasn't happy to be targeted, she hopes her story will reach others, before the scammer reaches them.
Sergeant David says if you do get a text telling you to call a number, delete the text immediately.

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