Texas Pastor Offers Free Concealed Gun Classes to Teachers

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A Texas pastor is launching a plan he believes could help prevent a tragedy like last month's massacre at a Connecticut elementary school.

Pastor James McAbee is offering teachers a free class on concealed handguns next month.
He also plans to visit school district superintendents in the area to spread the word.
The pastor hopes administrators will be open to the idea of allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons.
The pastor's effort was prompted by the December 14th shooting of 20 children and six educators at Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School.

"People think it cannot happen here, but look at that small little bitty town and it happened there. It's not a matter of if, but when. I pray there will be a teacher bold enough to take a stand and protect my little child."

McAbee has had experience using a handgun for personal protection.
In 2011, he held two burglars at gunpoint at his church until police arrived.

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