Tag Renewal, Avoiding Lines for a Small Fee

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There are 8,058 people who need to renew their tags in September. Last year, 5,260 renewed in person—that means an average of 250 people visited the tag officer every business day.

“In September, the number of people that we serve is one of the highest, if not the highest,” said Judge Patrick Davenport of the Houston County Probate Office.

It can add up to an awfully long line.

"So consequently, we're trying to find ways to encourage folks to not have to wait in long lines. We just want to remind folks of the alternatives that are available for renewing your tags,” said Judge Davenport.

Mailing in your renewal costs $1, or you could renew online. Renewing tags online comes with a three precent internet handling fee, but it can be convenient when you are crunched for time. You can find if there is a long line at the tag office by viewing the live feed. Just visit houstoncountyprobate.org, click on “Renew Your Tags Online”, and follow the step-by-step process. The county will then mail you your decals.

"If they pay that $1 mail fee, it's much more economical than the time that it takes to wait in line, plus with gas prices,” suggested Judge Davenport.

It’s up to you—spend your time, or spend your dollar.

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