TX Woman Wins Publisher Clearinghouse Prize

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A neighborhood in Crowley, Texas was buzzing with excitement Tuesday (9/11/12).

Crowley, TX- One local resident cashed in on a five-figure jackpot prize.

We've seen it hundreds of times on television.

The Publishers Clearing House van pulls up and someone carrying a big check walks up to the door to deliver the prize...

Hi. How are you? I'm looking for Maxine.

But this isn't a commercial. It's real. Very real for the Richeson family. The winner, Maxine Richeson isn't home but her daughter is.

She's been doing this for years! You don't know what this will do for her. The insurance just turned her down ...the ceilings are falling."

Maxine is at the doctor's office but a quick call goes out while neighbors come in for a closer look.

It's pretty cool.

Finally, Maxine gets home to receive the surprise of a lifetime.

So Maxine you won 30,000 dollars.

Thank God, Thank God. My home is falling apart. It really is. We've had so much bad luck.

I can't believe it, God is so good!

Maxine has been playing the sweepstakes for 20 years.

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