TX Family Has 2nd Set of Twins

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A Weatherford Texas family welcomed twins into the world earlier this week and this is the second set of twins for the family.

Jaclyn and Chad Martin are busy parents running after their 13-month-old twin boys, Grayson and Garin.

Jaclyn Martin:"we were really surprised about the boys."

Then just this week the family added another set of twins.

This time identical baby girls.

Jaclyn Martin:"this one is Hayden."

Hayden and Harley were born Monday night at Weatherford Regional Medical Center.

Chad Martin:"more than anything i was shocked to hear twins again."

The parents say so far it really hasn't been that bad.

Chad Martin:"we really don't know any better either."

Arezow Doost/Weatherford: "this is nothing new for the martin family. In fact these little twin girls will be part of a long generation of twins in this family."

Jaclyn Martin: "my dad has twin sisters and his great grandmother - my great great-grandmother had four sets of twins."

Chad Martin: "my mom is a twin."

So what are the odds? Especially in the martin's case without using infertility.

Dr. Stephen, delivered Martin babies: "it might be my one in 10,000."

wait a minute.

One in 10-thousand?

Dr. Stephen,delivered Martin babies: "it's pretty rare it's the first time i had actually that i had a patient with consecutive pregnancies with twins."

The Martin's are thinking about the future - excited but a little scared too.

Jaclyn Martin: "we'll have four teenagers at the same time that will be driving - needing cars - and going to school."

For now their biggest challenge - telling their girls apart.

Chad Martin: "right now their hospital wrist bands."

So is this it for the family?

Jaclyn Martin:" no! No more for now."

Their chances of having another set of twins - one in 50.

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