TROY Reviews Dorm Policy

Troy, AL - Nearly 2,000 students call Troy University home. They would also like to call it safe.

Troy University Dean of Student Services Herbert Reeves said, "There is a feel that this is a safer environment because of the access control and controlled tv systems. things along those lines."

Over the past decade mass shootings have some questioning that safety. Most recently, it appears a student at the University of Central Florida had planned to open fire on students in his own dorm. He wasn't even enrolled in classes.

At Troy, you must be taking at least one credit hour.

"I think it goes back to if you have a person that's not enrolled, we have no control over that individual. When they're enrolled, we can hold grades, ect. A lot of things we can't do if they're not enrolled," said Reeves.

The student at UCF was found with two guns and multiple homemade bombs. While those aren't legal on any campus, leaders say it's difficult to keep some out.

"It's one of those things that is hard to enforce because students could bring those things in a bag or boxes as they are moving in and out. Students keep your eyes open or other students give us information you may hear from another student," said Reeves.

If a student gives that information to a resident adviser, there is a certain protocol to keep them and other students safe.

"It's not our job to go knocking on the door and going in their room. If we do suspect something we are to go to our higher authority, my boss, and they contact the correct authority for the job that needs to be done," said Catherine Trish, Troy University resident advisor.

But these policies will continue to evolve, for good reasons and bad.

TROY does have an alert system if an active shooter or other dangerous incident happens. A text message system is set up to send the initial alert. From there an email will be sent to give more detailed information on the incident.

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