Symposium Could Become National Location for Bridge-Building

Hundreds of visitors from Asia and the United States will be in Dothan on Wednesday, for the U.S. - China Manufacturing Symposium. Businesses from across the Tri-States are setting up booths inside a tent next to the Dothan Civic Center. Chinese visitors will browse different companies and discuss possible investment opportunities. Also, there will be interpreters on hand. They said this symposium can become the avenue to establish nationwide relationships.

“It can be the place for people to meet and that's actually one of the major benefits of the future potential of a symposium like this. It really could become an annual event that becomes the national location for the bridge-building concept of China – U.S. business relationships,” explained Amschel Foltz, a Chinese Linguist Consultant.

All interpreters will be wearing pink shirts so people can easily identify them. They also explained it will be beneficial to learn simple Chinese, such as “hello” or “thank you.”

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