Swinging for a Good Cause

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Today golfers were out swinging for a good cause at the Fort Rucker’s Silver Wings course. Proceeds go towards the National Listening Scholarship Foundation.

It raises money to help anyone right here in the Wiregrass on the autistic spectrum get auditory and behavioral therapy.

The foundation partners with the Progress Center at Dothan Behavioral Medicine clinic. One of the doctors behind auditory therapy software used by the Progress center came to the event. Dr. Billie Thompson, EnListen Software said, “I live in Phoenix, Arizona so I came all the way to do this golf tournament and to see the people here so it was wonderful and I had a great time.”

The amount of support for the foundation was moving to some of the parents with autistic children. Gail Dozier said, “What they are doing is changing lives, they are truly changing lives for the children and the parents and the families. You are making a difference just by taking part in one little way.”

Also at the tournament today was the Coffee County Sheriff’s department. They wanted to show their support for the foundation and also educate family members with autistic children about project lifesaver. It is a free program for people with a wide range of conditions that a prone to wandering like Alzheimer’s and autism.

They are equipped with a bracelet with a tracking device. If the person were to wonder off it will beep alerting search crews. Right now there are only a dozen people with the bracelets in Coffee County, but deputies know there are more out there that could benefit from the free program.

Tom Iten with the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office,“It’s just people either haven’t come forward and a lot of times they don’t come forward until they need us. Someone gets out and gets lost and that’s where we hear about it and we get them into the program.”

To become a part of the program in Coffee County call (334) 894- 5535.

For more information on the foundation go to: http://www.listeningfoundation.org/index.html

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