Suspect in Standoff Surrenders to Florence Police

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FLORENCE, Ala. (AP) -- A man suspected in a robbery holed up in an attic for nearly seven hours on Monday as between 35 and 40 SWAT team members tried to taking him into custody him peacefully.

Terry Donnel Hankins surrendered after Florence police shot tear gas canisters into the home where he was hiding. He was spotted by a patrol officer outside of his girlfriend's home Monday morning.

Hankins was wanted in connection with the attempted strangulation and robbery of his step-father. The man's step-father survived the incident and authorities say Hankins was armed with a knife.

Lt. Mike Holt, SWAT commander, says Hankins was taken to a hospital for back pain complaints after spending hours in the hot, cramped attic. No shots were fired and no injuries were reported.