Sunday Alcohol Sales in Dothan take a Step Forward

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DOTHAN, AL--"Protect that one day of Sunday, just protect one day and do what the bible says and to make it holy," said a Dothan resident.

A last ditch effort by opposing residents to prevent Sunday alcohol sales failed.

With a 7 to 0 vote Dothan residents are one step closer to letting their voices be heard on the controversial issue.

"This issue will be decided by the vote and i think that's the right way to do it," said Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz.

Commissioners unanimously decided to let the people vote.

"As a man of color i take this personal to sit here and say you don't have the right to vote is not fair," said Dothan Commissioner James Reading.

"It's a very emotional issue and I just think that with an issue like this, let the people vote and I don't want to deny the right of the people to vote," said Dothan commissioner Critt Snellgrove.

"There are certain issues that reasonable people can disagree about and those issues are designed to be put before a vote of the people," said Dothan commissioner Hamp Baxley.

Some commissioners put an emphasis on timing, they say putting something like this on an August ballot is a good idea.

"I think it's going to bring a lot of people out who feel positive and negative. This is the first time that the entire commission has been up for re-election at the same time that's going to bring a lot of people out," said Dothan commissioner Amos Newsome.

Commissioners say the choice is simple, "If you don't believe in it, then go back to your community your churches and you instill in your parishioners to vote it up or down," explained Reading.

Commissioners say they believe in the vote and they believe it's their right to let the public vote.

You can still buy and drink alcohol at restaurants on Sunday.
None of that has changed.

If the state legislature approves the commission's request the referendum will be put on the August ballot.

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