Sunday Alcohol Sales in Dothan

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Rocky Patel is feeling a hole in his pocket.

He's losing money because strict laws say his customers have to go somewhere else on Sundays to buy the product he's selling.

Rocky Patel, Owns Basket of Cheer, said,” Sunday, if I was open, I’d say we're going to do two to three thousand dollars of business.”

Mary Price lives in Dothan and she says she doesn't care about Rocky's problem.

Mary Price, against Sunday sales, said, “Sunday’s god's day.They don't need to be going out and getting into trouble.”

The proposed idea will head to the Dothan City Commission's administrative agenda Tuesday.

From there, liquor store owners like Patel and others hoping for Sunday alcohol sales in stores want to see the issue go to a public vote in August.

The vote's outcome wouldn't just affect Patel.

Patel said, “It's going to be good for city, county and state because we're going to gain revenue in the tax. Right now people go to Florida or Georgia to buy alcohol on Sunday.”

The proposal would limit alcohol sales to after church hours.

Still price says it's too much.

Price said, “We've got so many problems now with alcoholism and drugs, Sunday would just be an extra day. It just scares me what can happen.

But supporters say that's an extra day to make extra money.

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