Students Use Emergency Situations to Learn Organizational Skills

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DOTHAN, AL---It's a roundtable discussion packed with a lesson.

"They're learning how to organize efforts so things are carried out effectively and efficiently," said Upteen Coordinator Jason Williams.

Northview High School Junior Juhi Shaw says she's taking the concepts and using them to manage her busy life.

"That's what I've been wanting to learn is how to know which one i need to put as my top priority and which one as my least priority,"

Shaw says learning how to put things in order is something she needs to learn now.

"I'm involved in so many clubs and just so many things in Dothan that everyday is a busy day for me and I don't ever get to realize which one I need to keep my number one."

Dothan High school junior Elliot Glover says he's paying close attention to the approach.

"It's getting things done in a new way that i didn't really expect to see."

Organizers say talking about emergency management is one of the best ways to drive home the importance of structure.

"It takes a high degree of order to turn chaos into order if there's a crisis these people know how to institute order," Williams said.

Order that everyone can use Especially our future leaders.

Next week the students will get some cooking lessons.

The purpose of that course is to learn the importance between leaders and followers.

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