Children Become Detectives at Forensics Camp

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Local high school students are getting the chance to solve crimes.

“This is the second year we have participated with Troy University, Dothan on putting on a forensic class with young kids to sort of give them an idea what it is like outside TV,” said Donald Valenza, chief deputy sheriff for Houston County.

And solving murders is a lot different than Law and Order and CSI.

“It doesn’t happen as fast as it does on TV they can solve it in like an hour out here when you actually do the process you have to wait and see how it turns out and you have like a failed attempt again and fail,” said Alexius Lampkin, Northview High School senior.

Throughout this week students will see what it takes to be a forensic scientist.

“They are going to be working with some of the k9s for the local sheriff's dept they are going to be learning finger prints they will also be involved in forensic biology forensic chemistry with some classroom activities as well as a lot if field work as and simulating a death investigation,” said Jeff Lee, chair of the Criminal Justice department at Troy.

Students are looking forward to get the hands on experience.

“Probably the dogs, I want to be a k9 if I can so that’s my biggest passion,” said Zack Jackson, Geneva High graduate.

“Last year my favorite part was the fingerprints and seeing how when you touch something you always leave a mark,” said Lampkin.

But local law enforcement officers hope the mark they leave will be more than fingerprints.

“Hopefully I'll see some of these younger ones in the fields with the department of forensics or law enforcement,” said Valenza.

The Mike Schmitz Automotive Group and the Houston County Sheriff’s Department sponsored more than half of the students.

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