Students Learn Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol

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Students take a pledge not to do drugs.

"I would never do drugs ever," said Amber Johanson, student at Houston Academy.

"I would not do anything of the sort," said Hoel Hewes, student at Houston Academy.

Emergency room nurse, Linda Dutil, talked to students at Houston Academy about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

"The teeth they showed us and the effects it has over short periods and long periods of time what it does to your hair and face and your teeth it was all a great experience," said Hewes.

"Whenever she showed me the pictures, it really hit me because the effects that drugs have on your bod yit really hit me really hard," said Johanson.

"This presentation is a blend of some seriousness and some humor and some visual aspects like the pictures which are so important then the personal stories and the interaction because you never really know what is going to make the impact," said Dutil.

The seriousness of the issue was shown through a demonstration of what stomach pumping entails..

"I think how she demonstrated this was like very helpful to see how it really worked to see what happens when you go tot he emergency room and get your stomach pumped," said Johanson.

"It's going to teach everybody a lot. you shouldn't do drugs and alcohol and the consequences you are going to endure if you do do drugs and alcohol the stomach pumping is not something anyone wants to do," said Hewes.

Dutil stresses the importance of watching out for your friends.

"I think its really going to help some people that have to make this type of decisions and I know that its going to help my friends make that decision and I hope if I get in that situation one of my friends will help me in that situation to go get help," said Henry Beckett, student at Houston Academy.

Adams Beverage, Inc sponsored this assembly.
They say although they are an beer and beverage distribution company they wanted to teach middle and high school students the importance of responsibility.

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