Students Become Masterminds Behind Creating Robots

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DOTHAN -- Hundreds of area high school students traveled to Dothan High School Saturday afternoon to kick-off the Best Robotics Competition.

Each team received a tool box and materials they will use to build a robot over the next forty-two days. The tool box is valued at two thousand dollars. The best part is that it is given at no cost to the school.
Students said they appreciate the real world experience they gain from the competition.

"We're a team but we're also a business but it's more of a fictional business." Competitor Bailey Clark said.

Each business has five branches. These include administration, safety, marketing, engineering, and public relations. Each member has a job they specialize in. They are scored on their engineering notebook, marketing presentation, and their exhibit. Interviews, sportsmanship and robot performance are also scoring factors.
The winners of the area competition will travel to auburn for the regional competition.