Students Allegedly Make Urine Cupcake as Prank

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A disgusting prank gets two Connecticut teens in trouble.

Matthew Campbell tells us what they did that made student say they felt sick.

"Anyone they didn't like, they gave the cupcakes to."

Two upperclassmen girls are in some big trouble tonight...after allegedly playing a disgusting prank on students at Fermi High in Enfield.

"You're baking cupcakes. How do you think of that? I don't understand it."

Over the course of two officials say the girls brought an assortment of cupcakes.... All tainted with one foreign ingredient...urine.

"People were eating them...yeah....They would eat them and they (the girls) would laugh and then walk away."

It didn't take long for these girls to get busted. Students say one pair of loose lips did them in.

"They told one person and that one person basically told everybody."

As word spread like a virus...many felt like they were coming down with one.

"They were disgusted and a bunch of people who ate them got really sick."

We talked with Supt. Jeffrey Schumann who called this one of the more disturbing incidents he's seen. He says students did complain, but no one needed medical attention.

"It was a little difficult to believe honestly. It sounds like something out of a movie. Like, from the Mean Girls or something."

Parents say what's needed here is a severe punishment.

"As far as I'm concerned, the students should be expelled. Whether it's bullying or pranking I guess that's up to interpretation, but it's at a whole different level."

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