UPDATE: Second Student Arrested in Enterprise Terror Threat Case

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UPDATE: 1:40 p.m. - 10/11

ENTERPRISE, AL -- Enterprise Police have arrested a second juvenile in relation to terroristic threats made on a social media website on Monday.

On October 10th, the juvenile was arrested and charged with making a terrorist threat. The juvenile was then taken to Southeast Alabama Diversion Center.

Following the investigation, police determined there was no credible threat to students in the school system. Authorities provided extra security at Enterprise schools during the investigation.

This is the second arrest in the case, following an initial arrest on Monday, also for making a terrorist threat. Police say the juvenile in Monday's arrest made a terroristic threat on social media and targeted other students who allegedly bullied him.


On Monday, it was a normal morning for most Dauphin Junior High School Students. However, that changed halfway to lunch time. Police received a tip that a student made terroristic threats on social media and targeted other students who allegedly bullied him.

“Essentially, it was that he was going to commit a crime of violence at school,” said Sergeant Billy Haglund with the Enterprise Police Department.

Coffee County District Attorney, Tom Anderson, said it was murder or serious physical injury. The juvenile made those threats anonymously. Law enforcement warned they can track anything on the internet.

“The people that he contacted anonymously, I think one or more of them figured out who it was and told law enforcement. They were able to identify who he was, interact with him, and he admitted to putting both of those messages out. The anonymous heads up, and also, the overt threat towards the student body at Dauphin Junior High,” explained Anderson.

Police did not take it lightly. They charged him with a felony offense, and sent him to Southeast Alabama Diversion Center.

Anderson said, “There are plenty of teeth in the legal system to hold this individual in a diversion and detention facility for quite some time.”

Authorities have taken every precaution to prevent school violence. Dauphin Junior High and Enterprise City Schools have already increased their safety measures.

“This is no laughing matter and this is no joke, because you've seen it, Columbine. You've seen Sandy Hook. These things do in fact take place across this country. And we're not going to sit on our hands or sit idly by. We're going to act,” said Anderson.

The student has a hearing within the next two days, and authorities intend to make sure he's held in confinement. He could spend up to three years in a diversion and detention facility or see jail time if convicted of attempted murder.

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