Strong Hailstorm Batters Texas Community

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Residents in Brookshire, Texas got a rude awakening early Wednesday morning.

Quarter-sized hail was pounding the town west of Houston.

It's not your normal spring cleaning.

“I've actually never been in a hail storm that severe before.” Says David Berry, a victim of the storm.

Families in Brookshire, Texas are sweeping up broken glass and shredded window blinds after large pellets of hail pierced through their windows and pounded the hoods of cars and broke out tail lights.

Michelle Clark says the storm swept through her apartment complex around 2:45 and when it hit, the impact sounded like a shotgun blast.

"It was like kapooya, kapooya and boy that hail just came in."

"Everybody got scared. The baby was crying and everything."

With winds up to 60 miles an hour, the scope of damage was massive.

Every window facing north in the meadow woods complex was hit.

And less than a mile down the road when employees walked into the Brookwood community, a nonprofit facility used to help the disabled, they were heartbroken.

Hail ruined their greenhouses and plants, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

When the storm came through, David Berry ran into his daughter's room and found her hiding under her blanket.

He got there just in time before the wind blew the hail, glass and pieces of siding from his house onto his daughter's bed.

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