Storms Tear Through Northwest Alabama Trailer Home

tungsten shot of a bolt of lightning hitting the ground
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Sifting through what's left of his home at Dogwood Acres Trailer Park, Jason Latham says this twin bed is the only thing that kept him from being crushed in Northwest Alabama’s Jasper community.

Teresa Latham says that it was “horror, just complete horror because he could have died so easily I mean look at it I don’t know I mean how could anyone survives that”.

Latham has left the hospital still recovering from injuries, exhausted and homeless.

The storm barreled through just before three o'clock Monday.

Gloria Davis witnessed the storm. She says, “we heard it go crack, crumble crunch and then all of the sudden cu-pow."

Deann Hunter said "Before we could even get anywhere my front door flew open and the wind picked me up and just threw me it threw me from the living room to my bedroom I had to go to the emergency room and everything."

Bertha Benton's home was spared, but the trailer park is still without power. So she's trying to help families like the Latham’s get a hot meal.

Latham is collecting only a few mementoes and leaving the rest behind.

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