Storm Threatens Toadlick Music Festival

Dothan, AL - Dark gray clouds couldn't people away from the Toadlick Music Festival in Dothan. For the second year, severe weather is threatening to put a damper on the event.

"We did get a chance to get our feet wet with it last year. We have an emergency management plan set up," said Security Director Brent Gilbert.

Part of that plan includes evacuating to secure buildings.

"We've got plans where everybody that is behind the stage will go to one place and all of the patrons will go to another," said Gilbert.

Marcee Moore was here last year, and says you just have to make the best of it.

"We sat through the toradoes. We actually sat in that thing back there with Trace Adkins. It was pretty cool," said Moore.

Most of the festival goers say they are ready for some bad weather. They've got ponchos and umbrellas.

Brenda Rodgers travelled a long way and said the weather doesn't worry her.

"I'm ready for it. This is better than Ohio weather. It's cold in Ohio," said Rodgers.

Gilbert added, "The big thing, my concern, is just to make sure everybody is safe. If we start getting lightening or bad weather, we'll evacuate and put people in a hard structure until it passes. Then they'll be right back out there going at it again."

There is a chance some acts could be delayed because of the weather, but leaders don't believe they'll have to cancel any.

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