Storm Cleanup at Alabama's Jacksonville State University

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Clean up crews from the university are hard at work surveying the damage from Monday afternoon's storm at Jacksonville State University in Northeast Alabama.

Strong winds ripped the entire roof off the campus inn apartment complex.

The bare concrete is all that's left on the roof.

An insurance adjuster combs every inch to see just how expensive a new roof will be.

He says it's definitely going to be in the thousands.

Students' cars are dented and scratched from hail and pieces of roof flying in the air.

Brad Warren caught the immediate aftermath on his cell phone camera.

His room was on the top floor.

Says Warren, "I peeked through the blinds and I could see the entire roofing just getting torn off…and without any warning because there were no sirens or anything…I got scared and started to shake, I did not know what to do…because I wasn't prepared for it, you know."

Brad and about twenty other students are being relocated to other apartments.

The damage is spread across campus, too, impacting the most expensive building.

The library is closed because it, too, suffered extensive roof damage.

The communications tower is blown over.
The winds were so strong that the anchors didn't hold, and layers of heavy shingles, plywood and metal rolled up like one huge carpet.

The first priority in clean up is making sure people on the ground aren't in danger of being hit by flying debris.

There's also concern about water damage that could get worse if holes aren't covered immediately.

Miraculously, with all of this property damage, no one was injured.

Thousands of dollars in repairs is nothing compared to the alternative.

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