Stomach Bug Continues to Spread

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Cyclosporiasis is continuing to spread across the country.

Health Officials have reported 48 new cases in Texas of the stomach bug last week bringing the total number of cases to 353 cases in 14 states.

The bug is made up of just one cell, but it can cause an infection of the small intestine.

Health Officials are not sure how people are ingesting the parasite, but in the past, it has been linked to eating contaminated produce. People who have become infected with the parasite have had a host of uncomfortable symptoms that can last a few days, a month or even longer.

Despite the severe symptoms, CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen says the infection is not fatal.

“One thing that is important to know is there are medicines that can help so this not something we are seeing people die from,” explained Cohen.

Treatment for this infection is usually a combination of antibiotics, fluids and lots of rest. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says there is no vaccine against Cyclosporiasis, however, washing fruits and vegetables several times can help avoid getting the infection.

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