State Officials Welcome ACT Aspire to Alabama Classrooms

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Changes are coming to Alabama classrooms.

On Wednesday, April 9, Alabama Board of Education members announced a new standardized test that is five years in the making. It’s called ACT Aspire, and state officials aren’t the only ones feeling good about the changes.

“It is something I am very excited about because it’s more realistic,” explained Northview Principal Chris Shaw.

State board members claim that results of the new test will focus more on individual students instead of the school as a whole.

“We really want to have the individual student growth and so that student that might be at point ‘A’ can get them to point ‘B’ we feel like we are really successful where previous it was one size fits all, which I felt was really unfair and this way everyone can reach their maximum potential,” said Shaw.

The new standards will be applied to the test will roll out in classrooms on April 28, and even though it’s crunch time, Shaw says his students are prepared.

“Our teachers have a lot of professional development, they know what is expected of them and so I am very comfortable moving forward with the new test.”

Students will begin taking the new test in third grade. Officials hope that the new standards will help students stay on track starting from a young age.

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