State Officials Want Answers in the Wrongful Prison Release

More arrests are expected after last month's wrongful prison release of two convicted killers in Florida.

State officials are demanding answers.

There's still some things I think that have to be addressed,” said Florida State Senator Audrey Gibson.

There are still lots of questions for Florida lawmakers dealing with the wrongful release of Charles Walker and Joseph Jenkins.

Both were serving life sentences at Franklin Correctional Institution.

During a briefing Monday, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner said they've gotten leads on who helped the inmates and that arrests will be made soon.

We have citizens that think they know something and in some cases they do,” said Gerald Bailey.

During the briefing, presenters showed examples of forged documents such as those from the two inmates that escaped and then they talked about what plans they have in place to make sure it doesn't happen again.

They're being implemented in the counties as we speak.

Karen Rushing, the Legislative Chair for Florida clerks laid out the new policies.

“We're trying to make sure that the document that comes to the clerk’s office particularly if it's a release order with the judges signature, actually came from the judge,” said Rushing.

The Department of Corrections has also assigned 40 staff members to check almost 10,000 release dates that have been changed for inmates.

“It's our responsibility as the criminal justice system to make sure that we look and turn over every rock we can, explore every opportunity there is, “said Secretary Michael Crews.