Wiregrass Residents React to Government Reopening

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Many residents are breathing easier now that the Government has been reopened.

In the Wiregrass, residents were all unanimously gratefully that the shutdown passed, however, many residents said it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Here is what some resident’s reactions were to the reopening;

Darwin Slaughter of Dothan said, “It is about time. I think there is a bunch of cry babies up there myself on both sides. I won't tell you what side I am on but it should have been hashed out weeks, even months ago. It is about time.”

Lacey Perkins, also of Dothan, stated, “Well I am happy that the government is reopened because now it shows the rest of the world that we are finally getting our act together. We are finally coming back together as a country.”

Franklin Flatt, of Headland said “I was real happy about it. It was a lot of things that happened that I was not going to be pleased with although I do understand what they were trying to do.”

When asked about what advice they would give to lawmakers, they all said that they need to learn to negotiate, compromise and plan for the future.

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