Abuse Allegations Close Assisted Living Facility Indefinitely

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Gran’s Home may sound like a comforting place to send your elderly loved one, but as of Thursday, Feb. 6 the facility shut its doors indefinitely.

The facility located on the corner of South Foster and West Savannah Street

The State of Alabama Public Health Department issued an Emergency Order of License Suspension for the facility. According to the order, an investigation at the facility revealed violations of the State Board of Health. It also states that staff members engaged in practices that were detrimental to the safety and health of residents.

The owners were allegedly seen verbally abusing patients while the department was investigating allegations. Interviews also claim that the owners physically abused the residents.

During the investigation, a nurse surveyor saw that the electricity was not working in one of the resident’s rooms. The order states that the owners admitted to turning off the circuit breakers in an effort to save money on the facility’s electric bill.

Family members of those living in Gran’s Home were notified on Thursday of the suspension. They were told to pick up their family members immediately.

According to the order, a contested case hearing to determine whether to permanently revoke the license to operate Gran’s Home has been scheduled for March 25.

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