State Helps Fund Improvements to Daleville's Donnell Boulevard

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DALEVILLE -- One of Daleville's busiest streets will soon get necessary updates.

The road needs to be repaved and re-striped. The total cost for making all necessary upgrades is around $270,000.

With the help of Alabama Senator Harri Anne Smith, Representative Steve Clouse and the director of the Alabama Department of Transportation, the state agreed to fund half of the project.

"With their support for Daleville, we were able to secure the cost from the state of half of the project," Mayor Claudia Wigglesworth said. "So the state will fund half of the cost to repair Donnell Boulevard."

A project that will be finished, but is not included in the state's funding, is filling in a large sinkhole along Donnell Boulevard before the city starts a sidewalk project.

Donnell Boulevard connects Highway 85 at Fort Rucker's main gate to Highway 134.