State Ag Commissioner Visits Dothan

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Farmers in Alabama are still waiting for some answers on current issues.

Today at the Dothan Kiwanis club meeting, State Ag Commissioner John McMillan spoke on those subjects, including the farm bill.

"We are definitely going to see an emphasis on a safety net with insurance type programs than we will outright subsidies," McMillan said.

McMillan hasn't worked as closely with the farm bill as other state representatives, but he spoke about meat inspection. He says subsidies in the bill could impact those in that industry.

"That could be critical in Alabama for folks in that business," he said.

One other critical issue is Alabama’s immigration law and how it will affect farmers.

"So far our immigration law seems to have worked out," he said.

But McMillan believes food supply could become a problem in the future, something that could in turn affect the immigration law.

"When the economy picks back up and we talk about food supply, it's an issue that still needs to be addressed," he said.

And he feels congress is the best group to address the issue.

"...that's where it needs to be done. You can't have these things like gun control and immigration that are clearly national issues addressed on a state-by-state basis, it absolutely makes no sense," he said.

But for now the farmers will have to work with it and the eventual farm bill.

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