"Stand your Ground" Laws are Being Examined

Today Trayvon Martin's mother testified before a senate committee examining state "stand your ground" laws.

Syrina Fulton says the laws send the wrong message and are confusing.

Fulton says the law did not work in her favor and that her son's killer is walking the streets today.

Senate republicans and democrats are debating the merits of state stand your ground laws.

Florida teen Martin was fatally shot in a confrontation with neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman last year.

A jury later found Zimmerman not guilty in the death.

"Stand your ground" laws allow people to use deadly force if they believe their life is in danger.

Martin's mother stated, “As I think about this as a mother and I think about how many kids walk to the store and how many kids now feel that they cannot be safe in their own community, I think about what kind of message we are sending as parents, as lawmakers, as elected officials."

This is the first time Martin's mother has appeared before members of Congress.