Square Foot Build Campaign

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You can do it thru Habitat's "Square Foot Build Campaign".

"We have a thousand square feet that we are trying to sell, its 1 thru a thousand, so for example if someone chose the 100 square foot, they would donate $100," says Amy Schutz, Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity's Executive Director.

It's an act of kindness homeowner Sara Allen knows all about.

She received her house from Habitat for Humanity 5 years ago.

"If it wasn't for them I'd be renting instead of becoming a homeowner, " says Allen.

"Its giving us a chance to give them a hand up because we give out hand ups and not hand outs. We're helping them to pull themselves out of poverty by giving them a chance of a safe, decent, affordable home to raise their family, to live the rest of their life in because most of our home owners do, they just need that chance that someone will give them, " says Schutz.

And that someone doesn't have to take on the task by themselves; it can be a group effort to make a difference.

"You might have a Sunday school class that has 20 people in it that have 10 dollars a piece and theres the $200. We actually have little keys that we're giving them, its a house key, that has the number on it so they'll know what they helped to contribute to, " says Schutz.

"It was a blessing. Its a lot better to pay for something that you're going to own than to pay rent on something your never going to own. Everybody needs their own home, " says Allen.

If you would like to donate to the Square Foot Build Campaign, call the Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity at 334 792 8453.

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